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You do more than just influence. You create.

Times are changing, and the word influencer just doesn’t feel right anymore. As a digital creator, you craft unique, quality content and communicate meaningful messages. You build sincere relationships with each and every one of your followers, and your content inspires them. You have your own niche and you reach individuals around the world, at the same time, within seconds. You are a professional at what you do, and you should be recognized as one.

As veterans of the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industries, we know that influencer marketing is an imperative tool for brands. We also know that Influencers don’t just influence. Our mission is to create a premium community of likeminded digital creators, in one place, to connect with the right brands and foster lasting partnerships, relationships, and content.

It’s time to make the change from #influencertodigitalcreator. Join the Style Coalition community now.